The Whole Story by John P. Mackey

Whole Foods Market’s Co-founder and CEO for 44 years, John Mackey, offers an intimate and provocative account of the rise of this iconic company and the personal and spiritual journey that inspired its remarkable impact.

The growth of Whole Foods isn’t just a business success story—it’s the story of a retail, cultural, and dietary revolution that has forever changed the industry and the way we eat. After more than four decades at the helm, John Mackey shares never-before-told tales of the people and passions behind the beloved brand.

The Whole Story invites readers on the adventure of building Whole Foods Market: the colorful cast of idealists and foodies who formed the company’s DNA, the many breakthroughs and missteps; the camaraderie and the conflict, and the narrowly avoided disasters. Mackey takes us inside some of the most consequential decisions he had to make and honestly shares his regrets looking back.

Beyond the Whole Foods story, Mackey also dives into his:

  • Spiritual journey: from Christianity to New Age mysticism, Eastern wisdom, and life-changing awakenings through psychedelics
  • Political and intellectual development: from countercultural co-op dweller to libertarian and Conscious Capitalist
  • Philosophical and ethical awakenings: especially with regard to animal welfare and the tension between his personal values and industry practices
  • Personal passions: most notably, his love of long-distance, ultra-light backpacking on the great trails of our country and planet

For the millions of people who know and love Whole Foods, Mackey’s story is a candid look at the fellowship and meaning born of a shared mission and how an inimitable entrepreneur shepherded a startup hippy food store into the market-leading international brand it is today.

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