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A follow-up to Conscious Capitalism that draws on Mackey’s four decades of experience and wisdom, Conscious Leadership offers a road map for values-based leadership – in business and in life. Exploring the vision, virtues, and mindset that informed Mackey’s own journey, it illuminates the strategies that have helped him shepherd Whole Foods as a market leader, from pioneering early steps through incredible growth to recent innovations with Amazon. Each chapter challenges you to rethink conventional wisdom, with anecdotes, case studies, profiles of conscious leaders, and engaging techniques for self-development.

This inspirational book holds the answers that will both transform your business and touch your heart. From our foremost voices on purpose-driven business, Conscious Leadership issues an empowering call to action – for leaders who see beyond the bottom line.

Introduction: My Awakening to Conscious Leadership

As the plane touched down in Florida in January of 2001 and I looked out over a world of palm trees and sunshine, I knew my life had come to a crossroads. I wasn’t here for a vacation, although I could have used one. I was here at the behest of the Whole Foods Market board of directors. My job and my future were on the line. At a meeting planned for the next day, I was going to be interviewed, along with the other members of the company’s executive team… more.

Conscious Leadership Reviews

“… a commendable guide… half business case study, half workbook, framing its advice component with Whole Foods history.”
Publishers Weekly

“This highly anticipated release features a renowned executive sharing the principles, vision and mindset he’s used to reach the top of the business world—and do plenty of good in the process.”

“Do you want to know how to grow spiritually as a leader? This is the book for you… a thought provoking and surprisingly reflective account…”
Financial Times

“The Whole Foods founder is living proof that we don’t have to choose between purpose and profits. He and his colleagues offer the guidance leaders need to build businesses that do well by doing good and prioritize lifetime impact over quarterly earnings.”
LinkedIn, Adam Grant’s “Big Idea” Books for Fall

“In a changing world, businesses that hope to thrive will need leadership to take them there. Conscious Leadership defines a path forward for all of us looking to lead the way.”
Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks

“John Mackey is one of the greatest leaders I have had the privilege of learning from. Conscious Leadership is an essential guide to rethinking what capable, compassionate leadership truly looks like and why it is essential to success in today’s business world.”
Randi Zuckerberg, author of Pick Three and Dot Complicated

“Through aligning personal obligations with the collective gain, Conscious Leadership demonstrates how value can simultaneously be compounded on both the balance sheets of our souls and bank accounts.”
Matthew McConaughey, Academy Award winner and father

“Conscious Leadership illustrates the values and virtues that define the mindset of extraordinary leaders. True leadership is a neverending journey, and this visionary book is an invaluable companion for the road!”
Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase

Conscious Capitalism at Amazon
Conscious Capitalism at Barnes & Noble
Conscious Capitalism at Bookshop