John’s Must-Reads: Health & Wellness Edition

Health & Longevity

John’s Must-Reads: Health & Wellness Edition

Oct 1, 2022

I am a passionate reader and am often reading several books at one time. I love reading many different genres because I enjoy learning new things about a wide range of topics. One topic I am especially interested in and passionate about is health and wellness. These are some of my favorite health and wellness books! I hope they can become some of yours.

How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease, by Dr. Michael Greger

Although I read this book when it first came out seven years ago, it still remains my all-time favorite health and wellness book. It is focused on healthy eating and discusses how plant-based food choices can lead to living a healthier lifestyle. One of my favorite plot lines involves Greger’s discussion of lifestyle diseases and how a plant-based, whole foods lifestyle can help to prevent and treat the onset of disease. I also really enjoy his cookbook with Gene Stone and Robin Robertson. Both are fantastic reads and I want to recommend them here!

The Wicked Healthy Cookbook, by Chad Sarno, Derek Sarno, and David Joachim

Chad and Derek are brothers, chefs, and good friends of mine. They truly take plant-based cooking to a whole new level. In addition to recipes, this cookbook includes informative sidebars detailing must-have tips for different types of cooking or other kitchen-related topics. For example, tips and tricks for oil-free and gluten-free cooking or their recommendation on how to efficiently organize your kitchen. I really like that you can learn something from this book that you didn’t anticipate would be included!

The Whole Foods Cookbook, by John Mackey, Dr. Alona Pulde, and Dr. Matthew Lederman

Chad and Derek helped develop most of the recipes for The Whole Foods Cookbook. While The Wicked Healthy Cookbook uses refined grains, sugars, and oils on occasion, The Whole Foods Cookbook does not. I love this cookbook (of course, I am a bit biased) because it celebrates and promotes nutrient-rich, health-promoting whole plant food-based recipes and offers a great foundation for someone interested in transitioning to this diet.